Core features


Complete test framework to speed up development and execution of automated testing



Test levels
Integration, sytem
End-to-end testing, black box testing, GUI testing

Test coverage

Smoke tests
Ensure the most crucial functions of the application work, because those bugs can block further testing.
Regression tests
Exercise existing features after making changes to the application to ensure no new bugs have been introduced.
Cross-plattform tests
Uncover bugs that surface only when running on specific platforms or configurations.
Compatibility tests
Check if a new component of the application is compatible with all versions of existing parts of the same application.
Multi-user tests
Simulate multiple users concurrently accessing the application to shake out bugs that do not surface with a single user.

Supported plattforms

TestMachine currently supports the following platforms:

Internet Explorer , Firefox , Chrome , Safari
iOS , Android , Windows Mobile
Java , .NET , Windows , Mac
FreeRTOS , Linux embedded

More platforms can be added for new client projects.


TestMachine framework
Browser-based Windows application
Client test scripts
Java / TestNG or .NET / NUnit project using XPath to identify GUI elements